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Initial Visit takes approximately 60-90 minutes (a lot happens during our first visit together)

Each consecutive visit takes 20 to 40 minutes, depending on your individual treatment plan.

The expected number of visits varies per patient and treatment plan.  Clinically, it has been found to correlate with the health status of the patient at time of initial visit, meaning:


  • The extent of the injury being treated
  • How long you have had the current complaint
  • Personal habits including current fitness level, diet, hydration, and tobacco use
  • What you do for a living
  • Other physical problems involved (physical disabilities, weakness, posture deficiencies, other medical conditions)
  • The rate at which you heal


It is safe to say that we put together a progressive treatment plan designed to get you better in a timely manner. We know time is a precious commodity to us all.  Here, at DocSide Chiropractic, we do our very best to get you well fast.  During our treatment plans, we construct a plan using 2 phases of care.  First, passive care is used to treat the current reason for your pain and begin the repair process.  Once stabilization of the injured area begins, we move into the second phase of care, which is strengthening and conditioning of the previous injured area. Generally, our treatment plans run 4-6 weeks, however, our outcomes are determined by many variables.


Our goal is to move every patient from “sick-care” to “wellness-care.”

We believe in a wellness care model and want the very best for all of our patients!

After we help get you well, we want to help keep you well. Because of this, we invest our time and effort into you!  Your improvements matter! We strive to meet every treatment goal we set and have a number of highly satisfied patients! We know this because, most of our “sick care” patients, convert willingly to and continue to, stay in wellness-care for years after the first visit!